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9th Of March  

It's getting closer, claser than closer, it's almost in touching distance at a streach but not quite able to touch it with the tips of your fingers close.

However, I'll be releasing a new track from the forthcoming album "Oceans Of Your Mind" on the 9th of March onĀ CEG RECORDS. Track is called " Creatures Of The Night"

I'll be sending out a preview pretty soon via the mailing list. Join itĀ HereĀ šŸ’„

Studio Time 


So, it's true that there is an album finished that will be released in the not too distant future. It's all been coming together slowly over the past couple of years but I have so many new tracks that I want to share with you, so, I will be posting demos on my new page "demos and free stuff" where there is also a donate button.

If the urge grabs you and you feel like donating towards more studio time for me to record some new tracks then you can do it there.Ā 

If you don't then that's also fine, we will still be friends and you can just hang out and listen to what's already out there on the tinterweb.

Peace and loveā¤ļø

"A Bed For ME" Video Release 

So, I released a little video for this new track called "A Bed For Me". If you've ever come to a gig and heard it then you will know the story behind it and how it came to be.

This was filmed by the Shakespear Sistersfrom London way, so a big big thanks to them and the actors. Find out more about them here šŸ‘‡

Actors - Johnny Lucas ( Ed Francis (, Katie Paterson ( Shot & Edited by: Alaric Shorter ( & ( Dir: Hillary and Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare (

North Star Media 

Last month marked the start of a new venture with some amazing people at North Star Media, looking after synk for TV, film and more.Ā 

Want to use a track? Just drop them a line -Ā

Mountains & Sea Release On CEG Records 

Today is the release of my new track "Mountains & Sea" via CEG Records.Ā 

Its a re working of a track taken from the first album "Symphony" and will be available on all major streaming and download sites from the 15th of December.

Before that, you can get it on CEG RecordsĀ HERE.

Enjoy x

Mountains & Sea. Blue Sky Cafe Bangor. 

I'll be releasing a new track "Mountains & Sea" a re working of the track from the Frist album "Symphony". It will be released for download from CEG Records on Monday the 3rd of December with full digital download and streaming from December 10th.

A small number of limited edition EPs will also be available from Blue Sky Cafe in Bangor, where I will also be playing with Eve Goodman and World Wide Welshman on wedWednes 28th of November.

Tickets available fromĀ HERE


New Single Release 

New track "Take Me Higher" will be released on the 8th of October via CEG Records for digital download.

Rumours of a possible album release for 2019 also on its way.

Soundtrack to sixteen Film 

Eyes Wide Open has been selected to feature on the Soundtrack To Sixteen film.

Written and produced by The Shakespeare Sisters andĀ is aĀ coming-of-age film about growing up in London in the noughties.Ā 

You can find out more about it by heading over to the filmĀ websiteĀ HEREĀ or check out what else they are working on by heading to their website atĀ

A heartfelt romance that touches on the woes of millennialsĀ during the years of first crushes and academic anxiety.Ā 

~ Written by Marcus Li, blogger atĀ C'estMoiMarcus


This track was originally recorded some time in 2011/12 atĀ Orange Sound Studios in Penmaenmawr, North Wales. It was released as a single but it was not until 2016 that it was released on the "Beyond These Walls" album after a long period of trying to put the second album together.

Ā If you have notĀ heard the track beforeĀ  then you can listen on SpotifyĀ HEREĀ or find it on CEG Records atĀ

"Rooftops" Officially Released today 

New EP "Rooftops" has officially been released today and is available to download via Welsh label,Ā CEG Records as well as online streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.Ā 

It features four new tracks including the singles "Rooftops" and "leather Soles" and you can download it by headingĀ HERE.


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